A Permission Slip for the Owner to sign/agree before training starts:

Puppy Kindergarten 24-7

Permission to Crate Train Pup/Dog while in my home during their stay in puppy training. Crate training is for training purpose’s only! It is used for housing a pup/dog who is in training for sleeping throughout the night. For safety reasons and/or potty training. Crate training may involve training pup/dog during the day, up to 2 hr’s  Only!  If your pup/dog doesn’t take to the crate at night, I’ll place a containment pen/playpen around the crate and work with your pup/dog so it’s more inviting on their terms.

Permission to take your pup/dog to Montrose Veterinary Clinic. This request is to stay up to date on pup/dog vaccine shots, Rabies, deworming or for any other reason that may come up that your pup/dog might need to go to the Veterinarian office. Examples of unforeseen medical reasons, vomiting, diarrhea, reaction to vaccines, illnesses, sickness, injury, or sudden death.

Permission to take a stool sample from your pup/dog to Montrose Veterinary Clinic. This is a requirement to test for Parasites, coccidia, giardia. This will be done on the 1st day they come to me to start Puppy Kindergarten. If your pup/dog has parasites, coccidia, giardia, then my Veterinarian will prescribe Medication. I need your permission to give RX to your pup/dog. And I’ll notify you to let you know.

Permission to pick up your pup from the breeder you adopted to bring to my home for Puppy Kindergarten training and/or Permission that the breeder brings your pup to me. If Breeder is out of state, then I need Permission to pick your pup up at Montrose airport, either from flight nanny or if shipped cargo.

Permission to let your pup/dog commingle with other pups/dogs that are in training and/or my own personal dogs. Inside my home, outside in the backyard, going for walks (exercise or social interaction), riding in a car together, public places, vet office. 


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