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Puppy Kindergarten 24-7 in home Training, I started this program back in 2009, My puppy program Start’s at ages 8 weeks..

24/7 for 2-3-4-5 weeks or longer in my home.. Your puppy will benefit from encountering many different experiences.
1) Socialization which is introducing them to sights and sounds. 2) Walking on lead a controlled walking so your puppy learns to stay reasonably close to its owner rather than lunging tRain Bowo the end of the leash. 3) I teach them the sit command. 4) Down command. 5) Come command when called. 6) Stay command in the sit, while meeting new people, prevent jumping up.. Plus crate and potting training. I do use a containment pen around their crate for training. You also receive video or/and Picture of your puppy after the 1st week, and once a week after, so you can see your puppies training, and what they have learned… each week! If you would like professional pictures taken of your puppy on a daily or/and once a week, that to can be arranged by my photographer, Deydra… Let me know and I’ll give you her information to make arrangement with her for a photo shoot..

All Puppy owner’s need to provide me with up to date vaccine records & prof that your pup has been dewormed with all date’s of deworming (Example: most breeders deworm at 2, 4, 6, 8, weeks of age)..  All puppy owner’s are responsible to email this information to me before your puppy comes to me..  Once puppy is with me,  deworming will continue at 10, 12, 14 weeks of age… And Vaccine shot will be given 2 or 3 weeks from their last vaccine shot…

I provide your puppy with, Diamond Natural puppy food kibbles mixed with Primal Pronto Raw, with 1 scoop of Goat-A-Lac & Immune Milk colostrum, by Thomas Labs..

I also do a head start in your puppies grooming.. I bath your pup once a week with Goodwinol Shampoo made with natural Cedar oil.. It repels fleas, mites, and mosquitoes… on the 2nd week bath, I let your pup air dry for an hour, and then introduce the hair dry…

At times I have had to use a product call S.E.P. by Solid Gold.. When I receive a puppy who is a poop eater…

If I have a puppy that is an excessive barker, or excessive whiner, I’ll introduce a citronella small bark collar..

Puppies bedding is wash daily with Zum Clean Eucalyptus-Citrus all Natural Laundry soap.. My floors are cleaned with Pro-Tec Chlorhexidine Gluconate which is a Antiseptic- Antimicrobial Disinfectant, which provides fast-acting activity against a wide range of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, ringworm, yeast, coccidian and giardia.. It non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin of your puppy.. Once a week I also use this product in my back yard, deck and potty box (where your puppy goes potty).. I have also at times used Rescue (Accel) Disinfectant..

My rates have changed to: $58 per day
14 days (2 weeks): $812  Your puppy will learn: Off (for jump up) Sit, and Come to their name.. head start in potty/crate training..
21 days (3 weeks): $1,218 Your puppy will learn: Off (for jumping up) Sit and Come to their name. Stay and walk on a leash, public place meeting people, taking them to My Dog training class… head start in potty/crate training..
28 days (4 weeks): $1,624 Your puppy will learn: Off (for jumping up) Sit and Come to their name, Down, Stay Leave it, & walk on a leash, public place meeting people, taking them to my dog training Class…  head start in potty/crate training..
35 days (5 weeks): $2030

Basic puppy/dog Obedience class

All ages starting 12 weeks and up.. teaching your dog basic manners, sit, down, come, stay, wait.
10 week class: $140
Sandra Lynn Dog Training Classes

Advance dog Obedience class

You learn to improve your dogs focus and enthusiasm, by applying play as a rein-forcer in your training sessions. Secrets to a happy , reliable , Positive Dog.
12 week class: $145

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