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Puppy obedience in My home Training,  Head start program Start’s at ages 8 weeks..

24/7 4-5-6-7-8 weeks or longer in my home.. Your puppy will benefit from encountering many different experiences.
1) Socialization which is introducing them to sights and sounds. 2) Walking on lead a controlled walking so your puppy learns to stay reasonably close to its owner rather than lunging tRain Bowo the end of the leash. 3) I teach them the sit command. 4) Down command. 5) Come command when called. 6) Stay command in the sit, .. Plus crate and potting training.

My rates start at $78 per-day
28 days (4 weeks): $2184 Your puppy will learn: Off (for jumping up) Sit, Come to their name, Down, Stay Leave it, & walk on a leash, head start in potty/crate training..
35 days (5 weeks): $2730
Same as above, and will add public access training, (based on puppy receiving all vaccines)

Basic puppy/dog Obedience class

All ages starting 12 weeks (based on pups receiving all vaccines) and up.. teaching your dog basic manners, sit, down, come, stay, wait.
8 week class: $170
Sandra Lynn Dog Training Classes

Canine Good Citizen CGC classes

Come join me in class for fun, easy manners that makes training a rewarding experience. Great class for those looking to certify your dogs for service dogs, or therapy dogs..  10 week class: $190

(970) 779-2141 Best email to contact me is:  [email protected]

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